U-NI DISTURBANCE is a genderless accessory brand born, based, and made in Los Angeles. Inspired by the streets of Tokyo, Seoul and DTLA. Crafted entirely with 925SS.

Established 2018.

Made for All

U-NI DISTURBANCE was established to create a jewelry line that is entirely genderless.

The brand aims to design unique statement pieces that can be worn everyday to help express individuality through inclusivity.

Our unisex pieces bridge styles from the East and the West.  

Taking inspiration from Tokyo, Seoul and Los Angeles, we focus on designs that reflect the coexistence of minimalism and maximalism. The approach results in accessories that break free from expectations and gender norms. 

Made in Los Angeles

All our earrings are manufactured in the Jewelry District of Downtown Los Angeles.

Being able to work with our craftsmen in person ensures that nothing is lost when we bring our imaginations to life.

From the initial sketch to building 3D models, creating molds to melting metals, polishing to final assembly, everything is done in LA.  

While many businesses may find it more cost-effective to produce overseas, we are proud of our decision to support local businesses and to ensure that our products are sourced responsibly.

Made with 925SS

All our earrings are crafted with 925 Sterling Silver. 925SS contains 92.5% of pure silver - the highest possible in jewelry-making.

To be sensitive to all skin types, we use a surgical steel ear-post as the material has even better biocompatibility than 925SS.

None of our jewelry products are ever plated. Plating is the process of coating a base metal with precious metals like silver/gold in order to reduce cost. Our earrings use 925SS to the core.

As an independently funded boutique business with a direct-to-consumer business model, we can offer designs made entirely of 925SS at substantially lower price-points vs. larger brand names.