What are your pieces made of?

Each piece is made entirely of 925 Sterling Silver (925SS).

Our ear-post is made from surgical steel - not 925SS. It is one of the most biocompatible hypoallergenic materials used to prevent skin sensitivities and allergic reactions.

Why do you use 925 Sterling Silver?

925SS contains 92.5% pure silver. This high percentage of silver allows us to create premium, lasting pieces. Minimal alloys are added to strengthen the metal as 100% silver is too soft for jewelry-making.

Are any of your pieces plated?

No. Unlike many jewelry makers that only plate the outermost layer with precious metals, our pieces are entirely made of 925SS.

Where are your pieces made?

Everything is designed and manufactured in Downtown LA. We found it important to not separate design from production. The close communication we have with our manufacturers allows our designs to be executed to perfection. We are proud to work with responsible suppliers and to have our products made in LA.